Chapter 5. Overview of commands

File menu

In this menu you'll find commands for opening and saving files in different formats.


Opens a new empty document.


Opens an existing document.


Saves the current document.

Save as...

Saves the current document under a different name.


Imports a existing file in the current document.


Exports the current document as image.


Prints the current document.


Closes the program.

Edit menu

Here you'll find actions to edit the document.


Undoes the last action.


Redoes the last action that is undone.


Cuts the current selection to the clipboard.


Copies the current selection to the clipboard.


Pastes the current molecules on the clipboard.

Select all

Selects all molecules on the scene.

Align to grid

Aligns all molecules to the grid.

Add mode

Switch to add mode, where you can add new items to the document.

Delete mode

Switch to the mode where you can remove items in the document.

Move mode

Switch to the move where you can select and move items.

Edit preferences...

Opens the settings dialog with options how to draw the molecules.

View menu

In this menu you'll find options to change the current view of the document.

Zoom in

Zooms in on the current document.

Zoom out

Zooms out on the current document.

Zoom fit

Zooms to a level where all items of the document are visible.

Zoom reset

Restores the zoom level to the default.

Help menu

Here you'll find information and documentation about molsKetch.


Opens the manual of molsKetch.

Report a bug...

Opens a browser with the bug tracker of molsKetch.

About molsKetch

Gives information about molsKetch.

About Qt

Gives information about the Qt framework.